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What do we do?

E.P.I.C. works with families to bring stability, teach strategies and skills using research-based approaches that are neurodivergent-affirming. 

Our philosophy is to assist communication between all family members no matter what neurobiological language they speak. We do not wish to stop movement differences such as stimming or to encourage masking behaviours. We work with a wide variety of diagnosis and exploring the functional impact of divergence  both in the home and school.

Goals of E.P.I.C.

  1. Understand how behaviour is communicating between family members
  2. Transform communication in families to increase connection and decrease distress
  3. Support communication and connection in all environments
  4. Advocate for appropriate supports and teacher knowledge within the public and private school systems

Consultation looks like:

- in person or online meetings or consultation with parents or children

- meeting with family/clients to review needs and wants

- assessment in a variety of natural environments to pinpoint any other needs or the need for other potential assessments

- creation of family and individual support approaches and potentially long-range plans for more complex goals

- review and advocation for any changes in Individual Program Plan to support the home approach

- coordination of team meetings including all service providers and support recommendations 

- training parents and family members to approach the family and individual goals using Collaborative Proactive and Low Arousal Approaches

- on-going support, information and strategies as well as updating goals as necessary or every 90 days.  

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