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 She has such a wide variety of tools in her tool belt that you won't be able to get what she offers anywhere else. She has the unique ability to pick and choose what will work best for your family. She has an open mind which is the best thing you can have in the special needs community.

Julie Sando

Autistically Inclined, California

I would say that, outside her education, Mandi's key strength is the drive to find what works best for each child that is in her care

Dave McNeil


I have seen first-hand the incredible work that you do and it will be a huge loss to the Calgary community to see you go!  Thank you for all of your efforts in making a difference in the lives of children who need it so very much. You are so appreciated.

Soraya Lakhani MEd. R.Psych

Yellow Kite Child Psychology

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We are currently accepting clients for Summer Tutoring and Access in the Community Outings only. 

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