What Makes Us Special

We are not your typical Behaviour Consultation. We strive to

  • E. Educate family and children to navigate the world in a way that works for their brain
  • P. (be)Proactive in your life and in our practice: teaching skills you can use to be proactive too
  • I. Innovate strategies that fit your child's neurodiversity and family
  • C. (be) Child-centered: your child is not a box to be ticked off, they have their own skills, traits, and interests that we will work with

  Our intervention takes time and helps kids build 21st-century skills to problem solve, self-reflect & work with others. 

Looking for Project School Club? Check out our 2018-2019 school year line up!

Receiving a diagnosis for your child can be daunting - we are here to help. In British Columbia, there is funding for the support of kids with Autism.

 Serving Kamloops and surrounding areas, Mandi has 15 years experience with a wide variety of diagnoses and continues to offer opportunities to all families with a diagnosis in need of behaviour support.

Our Services are based on Collaborative Problem Solving and Low Arousal approaches.

E.P.I.C is always learning and growing: to support children and parents through childhood using research-based techniques. With Mandi's background, including her Masters in the Science of Teaching & Special Education Specialist (Parts 1 & 2), consists of 9 years behaviour consultation experience, and 15 years with making education meet your child where they are at, family support, advocacy, and basic information about your diagnosis and where to begin a family support plan.

People like us because...

Mandi is a breath of fresh air. She doesn't see the program first. She sees your child and your family first.

Julie Sandos - Autistically Inclined 

Behaviour Consultation & Intervention

E.P.I.C believes in an approach using the compassionate principles of Collaborative Proactive Solutions. 

Mandi and our interventionists will work to improve the lagging skills in your house.

How can we help your family? 


E.P.I.C believes that all school systems need to adapt to the needs of our children today and need to meet the basics promised in the School Act. 

How can we help your student?

Academic Support & Services

E.P.I.C believes that all kids can learn: it depends on the approach. We are willing to try a wide variety of approaches to reach your child. 

We have homeschool specific programs!

How can we help your child?

Other Services We Offer

E.P.I.C. offers a wide variety of services to help families from workshops and supported small group activities, to speaking and educating teachers, parents and businesses about ASD, learning disabilities and accommodations.